Jesus I love You for who You are and not for what You have. 
I m a missionary of Jesus who started his professional life with public contracts and I am committed to see souls saves. I also hope to finance God’s work in order not to be manipulated. My charming wife had a cosmetic workshop. The beginning of the year 2019 was very difficult for us because the government of our nation had not paid my two bills. It was very difficult to put the two ends together. In the meantime, I was also a computer maintenance networking teacher in a certain raining centre in the nation. The time I spent teaching in that training school was only help us earn enough money for our house rents. 
One day when my wife’s was going to the church, she had an accident and hurt her knee and her phone was shattered. But this did not stop us in our work for God. This got difficult to the point where our little boy did not have what to eat. (I remember one day, after ministering to the saints, I returned with tears in my eyes asking myself till when we shall keep punishing his lad of less than a year with bread.)Nothing will ever stop me from serving my God. During a certain prayer night, when we were praying for needs, I could not pray because I could not but help crying and tell God I love You for who You are and not for what You have. 
Because I used to do public contracts, I found myself at with a debt toll of two million CFA F. O my God! With a lot of pain, my charming wife was obliged to sell her business, recover her capital give me her capital to help me pay my debts. But the Lord used all of this to build us because we learnt how to depend on Him. On 2nd July 2019, the government of my nation paid one of my bills, which enabled us to pay back all of our debts. 
By the grace of God, I prayed with a business woman who was paralysed in her left arm and the Lord healed her. She decided to introduce me to the Benin business line which helped us to launch back into business with the little that we had. I give all the glory to Jesus who sustained and strengthened us during our difficult moments. 
This is just to encourage someone who is going through difficult moments. Don’t give up, don’t be disappointment, our God is faithful. 
Marcel Teguia (+237 675 033 701).